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Finer Floors offer a huge range of carpets to help you find the right fit. We cater for all flooring requirements for both commercial and residential customers. Our floors are laid to the finest standards by our in-house, experienced fitters.

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Loop Pile Carpets Bournemouth & Poole

Loop pile carpets are a design of carpets that are created using a series of uncut loops. The diversity in the way the loops are created allows the carpet to feature a very plain appearance, or sport an intricate design. 

Generally, a loop pile carpet is constructed of fibres that are considered to be long lasting and hold up very well under a great deal of wear. One of the advantages to loop pile is that the finished product tends to be easy to clean. The loops actually can help prevent spills from soaking into the body of the carpet. 

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Twist Pile Carpets Bournemouth & Poole

Twist pile carpets are the most popular style of carpet in the UK.

To create twist pile carpet, the loops are cut to the same height and allowed to tuft slightly. This approach gives the pile the appearance of softness and can be employed with various levels of thickness in the pile. As a result, the carpet often appears to be very dense and provides a cushion for the foot.

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Wool Carpets Bournemouth & Poole

Wool carpets come in both loop and twist varieties. 

Wool carpet has an extensive history, beginning an estimated 8000 years ago. Out of of necessity for warmth and  insulation, carpets were eventually born. These natural fiber carpets tend to be some of the most expensive made today, but there are many reasons why people still choose this timeless product for their homes. 

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Competitively priced Carpet in Bournemouth & Poole

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We will deliver an extensive range of samples direct to you and will take professional measurements for your projects to ensure the perfect fit.